Quick thoughts on the candidates

To state the obvious: all of these are much better than President Obama.  The Liberal entitlements and unfunded liabilities that began with Roosevelt have doomed the country (anyone who thinks we aren’t headed in the direction of Greece is mistaken), but Obama & Co. are destroying it much faster than it would have otherwise, and they have all the wrong positions on social issues.

Sarah Palin — would have been the best candidate, but sadly the liberal media destroyed the chances of that in 2008.

Rick Perry — wasn’t well prepared but had the right views on the size of government and would have been good on social issues.

Rick Santorum — unlikely to get elected, but the guy I’d vote for today.  The correct positions on social issues but unfortunately not a small government guy.  I’d like to see him as VP.

Paul — the “cool” choice of college kids with some interesting ideas, but overall not someone I’d want to be President and also not electable.

Gingrich — brilliant guy but very flawed.  If you got the best of him it would be great, but that would be naive to expect.

Romney — not that much better than Obama, but I do see Ann Coulter’s points that he is strong against illegal immigration (assuming he’d actually do something about it).

Cain — could have been good.  Sin has consequences.

Bachmann — would like to see her somewhere in a Republican administration.


4 thoughts on “Quick thoughts on the candidates”

  1. I think that Gingrich will get the nomination, and he will be the next president to be impeached. He is so bold and brash, he will do something that the MSM can focus upon in order to get him impeached. He may not be forced to resign, but you get the idea. He isn’t careful enough.


  2. Sarah Palin — would have been the best candidate, but sadly the liberal media destroyed the chances of that in 2008.

    That was the point. It was also the point in destroying Herman Cain – whether he is innocent or guilty is an open question, but he was lynched nonetheless.

    I sense that Gingrich would put some up-and-coming conservatives in high places, which will help us for the next decade or two. If Palin gets a Cabinet post, she’ll be a great candidate in 2016 or 2020.

    Santorum would be great, and I think that a small-government, Tea Party Congress would end up pushing him that way. He’s not a small-government guy, but he’s not someone who would fight it, either.


  3. I liked Perry a lot, and was frustrated because I felt it was the electorate that failed him, not the other way around. You’ve got a governor with ten years of experience leading a populous and demographically diverse state, and a solid record on low taxes and job creation….and the voters of early primary states weren’t interested. What. The. Heck. Is. Wrong. With. Our. Voters?

    Granted, I might be saying that because I miss President Bush…and Perry is the one who took over being governor of Texas after Bush stepped down to become president. I miss having a president that spent his vacations clearing brush instead of lounging at Martha’s Vineyard and playing golf. I miss having a president that made no bones about who our enemies were and what needed to be done with them. He made plenty of screw ups, yes, but I still liked him better than his dad, and also better than any of the also-ran’s that have come and gone since Reagan left office. Heck, I liked him better than most of the Republican presidents of the 20th century, for that matter.

    I also liked Cain and Bachmann. Like Roxeanne pointed out, they were too much of a threat to the Left, so they had to be destroyed by the media.

    I’ve settled on Newt…finding as I do that Santorum really isn’t all that conservative when you get down to it…and also lacks a certain credibility after having been thrown out of the Senate by his own state’s voters, and by a pretty good margin at that.

    Mitt’s a squish and Paul is a loon. ‘Nuff said.


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