Microsoft Windows 8.1: Worst. Free upgrade. Ever.

Warning: Contains whining about first world problems.

Update: And of course, now Microsoft Windows Media Player doesn’t work now.

Ugh.  My Lenovo Yoga Ultrabook was eligible for a free upgrade to Microsoft Windows 8.1  It is hard to imagine it being more terrible.

  • It used to boot in seconds and now it takes minutes.
  • It crashes without warning and reboots.  That never happened before.
  • Loading web pages literally take minutes.
  • iTunes won’t play songs.  You click play and nothing happens.  Nothing.  And as usual, Apple forums have nothing to say about it.
  • Even typing is slower.

I can’t believe they still employ Steve Ballmer.

Skip the free upgrade, and definitely don’t pay for it.


19 thoughts on “Microsoft Windows 8.1: Worst. Free upgrade. Ever.”

  1. I am running registered windows 8 pro in virtualbox under linux. My CPU is i7-3770 with PAE/NX enabled. When I start free update to 8.1 from windows store I get message telling me my CPU will not support upgrade. What a pile of crap Microsoft has become.


  2. I went a different direction. I got an HP Chromebook 11. Just released with a beautiful screen, great keyboard, no fan, really lightweight, and does 90% of what I normally did on my old laptop without any problems. It requires an Internet connection to really function but has very good security. You basically just turn it off if anything goes wrong and it re-installs the Chrome OS the next time you turn it on. Everything is stored in the cloud. It doesn’t run thousands of apps. In fact everything pretty much runs within a browser. But for web surfing and email, it works great.


    1. No, I’m running on Windows 8.1 and I’ve had 3 bluescreens in one day. Windows 8.1 is complete with bullshit of errors. It’s like the new Windows Crap edition!


  3. I’ve found several articles that report that Windows 8 is a bigger failure than Vista. I have yet to see a business move toward Windows 8 which is the biggest indication of utter fail.


  4. You might try running the latest release of Ubuntu on your Yoga. You can run Ubuntu from a live CD first to make sure it detects your hardware and then you can install it either in tandem with or in place of what came out of Redmond’s Little Shop of Horrors (Windows 8)


  5. Same problem here. I hated Windows 8, but it was all that was available when I bought the replacement computer. They told me, “This new free upgrade to Windows 8.1 will solve all those complaints! Try it; you’ll like it.” I did; I didn’t. Everything is worse. Stuff that ran before doesn’t run now. The complaints I had with the original are present in the “upgrade”. I am not a happy camper.

    It seems as if Microsoft has a business plan. “Let’s take a good user interface, completely mess it up, force it on the public, and run with that for awhile. They’ll hate it and we’ll come out with a replacement that is a slight improvement of the previous good user interface and they’ll be happy.” So they trashed Windows 98 in favor of Windows NT (which never quite caught on) and trashed Windows XP in favor of Vista (which never quite caught on) and now trashed Windows 7 for Windows 8. (And, seriously, the best they can come out with for a functioning computer operating system is a phone operating system?) We are not amused.


  6. Let it be with Windows 8 if it is running well. Never install 8,1. All my external harddrive were no more running under 8.1. There was no other solution than reinstall 8.0. and now everything is fine..But from the confort Windows 7 was better!!


  7. HP Envy I7. 8 was not that bad. 8.1 JUNK! Now many websites tell me my browser is not compatible. I use Godaddy email notified and it looks like it is strobing when it pops up.


  8. I’ll never know just how bad 8.1 is. The ‘free’ update to 8.1 (all 3.6 GB of it) couldn’t be downloaded in 2 freakin’ hours on a HP laptop connected to a verified 12 Mbs line and 8 GB of memory running a 2.6 GHz quad-core CPU. Once it finally did download, some 3+ hours later, the resulting install blue screened after running for another 90+ minute.

    Fuck it. I just installed Fedora 20. Downloaded in 20 minutes. Installed in half an hours. No troubles since.


  9. I write software for a living and i know what bloatware is when I see it and thats just what microsoft windows has become with it’s 400,000 plug keys in the windows registry (this is central to spying on you’re every move) and the 114,000 file in the windows directory alone.

    Windows is so good that half the time if you export the registry then windows will not do the import and the same happens when you use windows tools to restore a system image made using the windows tools

    In schedule tasks we have about 30 tasks and need about 40 windows services running just ot keep the pile of crap (POL) running and the facts are that you can download a pirate version of windows 8 from a bit-torrent much faster than you can instrall it, add the service packs and then download and apply the 67 updates.

    Microsoft never fixed windows NT4, nevermind windows 7 and I am not going to pay to upgrade when it realy just a case of paying extra for bug fixes from version 7


  10. I’m not terribly tech savvy…just an ordinary therapist who needed a new laptop to do her work and research on. I bought an asus with windows 8. Hated the tile start up screen and no productivity apps installed AT ALL. So, fool that I am, installed the trial version of Microsoft Office (thinking, it’s all Microsoft, it’ll jive, right?) 2 days after install, the entire system crashed and I had to do a complete “like new” restore. I’ve now reloaded Mozilla (hate Explorer) and all my other programs, reinstalled trial version of windows, and BAM! 8.1 has SCREWED ME yet AGAIN! I can’t even figure out a way to get to the control panel to delete programs, or find any admin tools that will help me out of this pile of utter craptastic software. Considering returning laptop and buying a USED one with Windows 7. For real. I cannot TELL YOU how much this sucks and has wrecked countless WEEKS of productivity. Oh…and in case anyone was wondering. Microsoft. I hate your guts. Period. The end.


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