Local church billboard: “Building strong families! Singles not welcome!”

OK, it didn’t say the part about the singles.  But it might was well have.  It had the obligatory cute family that might not probably almost certainly doesn’t attend that church.  And those churches never seem to market to singles.  My guess is that they treat them well when they attend and may even have ministries for them, but I prefer one-size-fits-all messages from churches.

I think of things like this when I see church billboards that advertise only to families, as if single people wouldn’t be welcome or wouldn’t want or need the church just as badly.

[A]re singles wrong when they say the church looks so much like a club for families that they don’t feel like they are normal, whole and blessed?…Did Jesus emphasize marriage as we do in most churches? — Robert Spenser

Don’t get me wrong.  I think marriage is super important and that Christianity has the best views on it.   I think those “shiny happy people” billboards can make people with significant problems think that they won’t fit in.  Anyone interested in finding the real God on his terms should be welcomed.

Hat tip: David from Facebook


4 thoughts on “Local church billboard: “Building strong families! Singles not welcome!””

  1. The one I saw said, “Everything you dreamed a church should be”

    Sweet! Maybe I can get a church that displays my fantasy football updates on the side so I don’t miss any action.


    1. What a great idea! It would help keep people awake during the sermon.
      Sadly, it would probably have more useful information than most of the sermons around here.


  2. In my eyes a church sign, if used for anything other than posting service times or events, must fulfill the following 10 objects:

    1. Glorify God.

    The other 9 don’t count. If you glorify God you can do it in a witty way, or thought provoking, or mundane, it doesn’t matter as long as you take care of #1. A sign like “Building strong families” or “Everything you dreamed a church should be” I would probably not hang those on our sign because I like to get the reader to engage their thoughts on God, and if they have any questions they can come inside.


    1. Great point, Doug. A former church had a really vague billboard as well as flyers mailed to local neighborhoods because they were too afraid to mention Jesus (One of the many reasons it is our former church).


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