How Africans are saving the United Methodist Church

While the U.S. Methodist church leadership is filled with wolves in sheep’s clothing (one of the many reasons we left the denomination), the denomination is being salvaged by Bible-believing Africans.  Ironically and perversely enough, the Leftists in the U.S. tried but failed to deny voting rights to the Africans.  Via IRD News Release on Bishop Talbert’s Same Sex Nuptials:

Last year, the United Methodist Church’s governing General Conference voted by 61 percent to reaffirm its stance for traditional marriage and sexual ethics. Forty percent of the delegates were from outside the U.S. Over 35 percent of United Methodists now live in Africa, where the church is growing and conservative. Under current growth trends, Africans likely will become a majority in the denomination within the decade, a trend that almost certainly precludes the currently 12 million member United Methodist Church (7.4 million in the U.S.) from following other declining historically liberal Mainline denominations in the U.S. that have liberalized their sexual teaching. Dissident clergy like Bishop Talbert have responded by vowing defiance of the church’s policies.

The lack of church discipline that not only lets fakes like Talbert in but promotes them through the ranks to bishop is the root of the denominational free-fall.  Gutless Bible-believers stood by and valued their popularity more than the truth and let them come in and advance.

And it isn’t like they are just a little off theologically.  They openly rebel against the Bible and the Methodist Book of Discipline.  The current leadership of the U.S. church is too weak and fearful to do anything about it or openly supportive of their heresies.

People who claim the name of Christ and support “same-sex marriage” or say that homosexual behavior isn’t a sin violate the two greatest commandments.

  • By disagreeing with the clear word of God they show that they aren’t loving him.
  • By putting their popularity over the welfare of their neighbors with LGBTQ temptations they don’t love their neighbors.

IRD’s President Mark Tooley, a United Methodist, responded: “Bishop Talbert has not pastored a church since the 1960s and presided over imploding membership and schism as bishop in Seattle and San Francisco. As bishop and president of the National Council of Churches he was a divisive political activist who seemed to prioritize political causes over the church’s teachings and health. Neither he nor other dissident clergy, most of whom are also retired or preside over declining churches, represent United Methodism’s future.”


One thought on “How Africans are saving the United Methodist Church”

  1. Praise God for His work in this denomination through the stance of godly men and women from Africa. This is especially encouraging to me. Thank you for sharing it!

    Gutless Bible-believers stood by and valued their popularity more than the truth and let them come in and advance.

    I quoted the above sentence because this is happening throughout the church at large. Many refuse to make the difficult stand for the truth because the ones who should be exposed as false teachers are widely hailed within the evangelical movement as “servants of the Lord”. Take an in-depth look at the doctrine of C. S. Lewis, his false teaching has led many astray. Consider Billy Graham who has denied the singularity of the gospel in salvation. Review the manner in which John MacArthur speaks out of both sides of his mouth.

    I have stood for the truth and it has cost me. Rejection is the norm for those who expose false teachers who are the darlings of the church. However, we must do the Lord’s work and stand for the truth. God bless you:)


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