Dear theologically weak churches: Here’s how to save millions on your next church building expansion!

Don’t expand, but preach the Bible more faithfully.  That will clear some space in the pews and the parking lot.

Sure, things have gotten crowded and you are sure you need more space.  But there is a win-win solution that is far superior to wasting more money on facilities: Just preach verse-by-verse through the Bible faithfully and accurately.  You won’t pull up all the tares, but enough of them will transplant themselves to other watered-down churches or leave altogether that you’ll have plenty of space.  And that’s OK!  Trust God with the process.

Worried about losing money?  That could happen, but my guess is that your committed believers are the biggest donors anyway.  And your faithful teaching will probably result in more authentic converts attending your church.

It comes down to this: Do you trust the word of God to accomplish what the word of God promises it will do, or do you have to edit it on his behalf?  Sounds absurd, right?  Yet that is what countless churches do.

Yes, you’ll chase some people away if you go verse-by-verse through Romans 1 and explain what it really means.  But here’s an easy out: Just tell them that if they don’t like it, their problem is with God, not you.  It completely takes you off the hook.

And yes, I know that some non-believers may be converted while at your watered-down church.  By God’s grace it happened to me, but it was in spite of the church I was attending, not because of it.  But again, do you trust

And maybe you’ll convict some people in the process.  The worst-case scenario is that you’ll honor God.

Warning: Your church might grow like crazy, though.  My youngest daughter’s church is in a very Leftist city.  Yet they joke that as they preached on sin (with a balance of grace, of course) each week through the book of Romans they grew dramatically.

If we did this right we could go decades without building new churches.  We’ve got all the buildings we need for those that are authentically seeking God.


6 thoughts on “Dear theologically weak churches: Here’s how to save millions on your next church building expansion!”

  1. Actually, here where I live, the church that switched to a Bible believing pastor who preaches accordingly is swamped. They have had to start holding 3 services to try to serve the crowd of worshipers.


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