Spotting false teachers based on what they preached about today.

I’m not a fan of letting Hallmark tell churches what to preach about (i.e., Mother’s Day / Father’s day sermons).  Just preach the word and the right themes in the right balance will come through.  But I certainly don’t object to anti-abortion sermons on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.  The don’t murder / help the weak / forgiveness is possible themes are throughout scripture and are legitimate topics any day.  Taking a human life without adequate justification kills God in effigy and attempts to usurp his role as the author of life.  People who have been involved in the abortion process need to hear the good news that they can be forgiven for those deeds.  And we should always strive to help the “least of these” (and if the unborn about to be killed aren’t the least of these, then who could be?).

Not surprisingly, pro-abortion false teachers not only skip the Sanctity of Human Life Sunday theme, they worship man instead of God by preaching about Martin Luther King Jr. instead of Jesus.  Here’s a prime example by pervertedradical pro-abortionist, false teaching, race-baiting Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” CurrieAnswering The Call: A Homily For MLK Sunday On Isaiah 49:1-7.  They didn’t worship Jesus (they never do), they worshiped MLK.  Did he do some good things?  Sure.  But he also did some very bad things.  And either way, he should not be the object of worship.  (Then again, neither should Charles Darwin, who the wolves also worship on an annual basis.)

Of course, Chuck left out the fact that King thought homosexuals could and should change.  The Left is busy trying to pretend that King would have changed his mind.  Isn’t that a great way to do history?!

Here’s a sample (you can go to his blog and see the program that actually had a picture of MLK).

In churches and synagogues and mosques…in schools and our houses of government…in community centers and union halls…the people of our nation gather this weekend to honor once again the legacy of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

No, in real churches we gathered to worship Jesus.  My pastor had a fantastic sermon on Hebrews 10 this morning.

And who cares what they do in mosques and synagogues?  Oh, right, Chuck spreads the lie that all religions lead to God, in direct contradiction to what the Bible says over 100 times.

. . . Leading a non-violent revolution of social change, his words shaped the history of our time.  The walls of white supremacy could not withstand the reading of the Gospel message when preached by Dr. King.  Jim Crow, so powerful and full of pride, crumbled when confronted with the weapon of love unleashed by Dr. King and all those who participated in the civil rights movement. 

King would probably never stop throwing up if he knew what wolves like Currie had done to make abortions legal.  Despite what Currie has falsely claimed, King never supported abortion, which kills blacks at a rate three times that of whites.  And that rate will go up if Currie’s dream of unrestricted, taxpayer-funded abortions becomes real.  Rich, mostly white, mostly male abortionists kill more blacks in a week than the KKK ever dreamed of.  As morally reprehensible as they are, the KKK is pro-life, so they are better than people like Currie.

. . . Those who are called to prophetic ministry often run from the task.  Moses did.  He argued with God.  I think you have the wrong person, he said.  There must be someone better.  Jesus himself was burdened deeply by his calling.  Like King, he knew his path would end in death.  At times he became frustrated and other times required solitude for reflection. 

That would be funny if it weren’t so blasphemous.  Only a fake like Chuck would say that Jesus ran from his task.  Jesus was fully God and fully man.

Even if we are not called to be a Moses or a King we are still called to be followers of Jesus.

Chuck’s Jesus is not the real Jesus.

. . . We still need that sense of revolution today.  Some use that term and think of violence but we are called to non-violence. 

Chuck & Co. are pro-abortion, the ultimate violence.

We need to be revolutionaries to make sure that everyone is free.  We know this is not the case.  The very voting rights that Dr. King fought for are under attack. 

That is a lie.  Voter ID is one of the most common sense measures of all time.

Gun violence and domestic violence and political violence threaten too many the world over. 

Especially in places with Leftist politicians putting restrictions on guns.

People are enslaved by poverty the world over.  Climate change threatens existence.   

Another lie.  What really threatens existence is abortions, to the tune of 3,000+ per day in the U.S.

. . . At the same time, all of us should examine how we are living our lives.  Do our lives in this moment of history serve God fully?  If not, what changes can we make in what we do and how we act to better live out our Christian faith. 

Maybe Chuck could start with not taking taking little girls to gay pride parades.

The only good news is that based on the pictures Chuck shows of his combined churches, there appear to be a couple dozen very old people attending.  Hopefully the UCC will continue to shrink (must be the ejector seats!).

Praise God that there are real churches for people authentically seeking Jesus and the Gospel!


6 thoughts on “Spotting false teachers based on what they preached about today.”

  1. Since truths are a matter of what you yourself choose to believe is true, I don’t concern myself with the labeling of others as either false or true. I’ll allow God to separate the false from the true, and trust his guidance. The one line I draw personally is that if I hear a preacher talking about books or movies or TV shows I should or shouldn’t consume (aside from the Bible) I never go back. I don’t need their help about those, and it wastes my time.

    As far as the church membership issue goes, nearly every large sect in the U.S. has lost significant membership per population since 1960. The ONLY three exceptions are Mormons (up 135%), the AME church (up 34%), and Southern Baptists (up a measly 4.4%). You can form any opinion you like about why, but the numbers are what they are. There are far fewer people who belong to churches today than when I was a kid.


    1. I agree that numbers can go up or down for true or false churches. Lots of big churches have awful theology. I’m just glad the apostate UCC is shrinking. People like Currie are false teachers.

      I agree that pastors have more important things to do than tell you what TV shows to watch or not.

      But your statements about truth are false. Truth is what corresponds to reality.

      Keep in mind that if you tell me my statements about truth are false then you have proved my point and gone against your own teaching 😉 .


      1. Everyone perceives reality differently. That’s just what I was saying. Each person will evaluate how closely a belief corresponds to reality based on their own set of experiences, biases, genetic sensitivities etc. There are a few objective “truths”, things hard to argue against no matter what you believe, such as “gravity exists’, but not many. People often misuse words like truth though. I accept the ambiguity.


  2. Invisible Mikey,

    Everyone perceives reality differently
    Perception is irrelevant to the truth. Truth is true no matter what your perception of it is.

    If there is no real objective reality, no objective truth, then why learn anything? How will ever know what is or is not true? Why listen to anyone if you don’t know if they have truth?

    Objective truth exists in every aspect of life. What is true is true for all, not just for those who perceive it as truth. Truth is independent of your knowledge of it, and it is unchanging even if your beliefs about it changes. Beliefs do not change facts.


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