Obligatory schadenfreudelicious post-election post

OK, that was sweet.  After all the ridiculous race- and gender-baiting done by the Left, today the Right is celebrating wins by Mia Love, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, Joni Ernst and more.  And I’m seeing more and more evidence of people wising up and leaving the plantation.  I must admit that I laugh when thinking of the Leftists I know who continually say that the Right are racists.  My favorite is the guy who has literally zero people of color as Facebook friends (Uh, unless you count the person whose profile picture was a black Labrador).  Hey mainstream media, why don’t you have bigger coverage of the historic Mia Love and Tim Scott wins?  Shouldn’t you be happy about those?

Even with the rampant media bias, Leftist educational indoctrination, shameless race / gender pandering, IRS targeting of Conservative groups, hypocritical Koch-blaming, rampant voter fraud and morewe still won!

Yes, I know the influence peddlers have already begun their work to corrupt this process, but last night was huge.  The rate of decline of the U.S. was dramatically reduced.

Hopefully the Republicans will be smart and pass one common sense bill after another until Obama’s veto pen runs dry.  After running from Obama during this election, the Left may not want to be associated with opposing what most Americans want, and at a minimum they’ll expose Obama as the anti-American enemy he is.  They should vote to repeal or neuter Obamacare, defund Planned Parenthood, prevent Obama from granting dangerous and costly amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, investigate the IRS/Fast & Furious/Benghazi, and more.  Otherwise, we should find some Republicans who will do those things.

I also hope they’ll work to educate people on basic economic principles so they will understand how minimum wage increases are counterproductive, how supply and demand works, etc.  They have the microphone now with an opportunity to use it wisely.  Hopefully they’ve learned that majorities aren’t forever.

This should bode really well for 2016.  Obama is too proud to change, so the Left will have to run away from him.  That will alienate some of his base.  And Hillary will implode at some point.  The “war on women” meme ended up hurting the Left his time, and that will only get worse after last night.


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The youngest women elected to office are Republicans.

Dear Republicans: No One Elected You to Work with Democrats

There is no one of good faith left on the other side who will agree to any legislation that is not poisonous to the fabric of the Republic. Consider what they have stood for the last two years – they have literally tried to rewrite the First Amendment to make it not apply to wealthy conservatives. They have tried to force religious institutions to pay for abortions and participate in gay marriage ceremonies regardless of their religious convictions. They have confiscated billions of tax dollars in the name of “economic stimulus” and self-dealt their families and friends huge awards of taxpayer money. They have consciously eliminated the free choice of Americans in their health care decisions. They have shown more concern about Islamic terrorism being called “Islamic terrorism” than about stopping Islamic terrorism. They believe in eliminating the death penalty for convicted first degree murderers but in using taxpayer funds to pay for the deaths of unborn children. They have consciously and deliberately fomented racial, class and gender divides in America for the sole reason that they perceived that it would help them to remain in office.

They have not apologized for doing any of these things and they show no remorse for any of it. None – zero – of them have taken a stand against the excesses of their party while they were in power.

Not only should they not be worked with, they should not even be invited to the table to be part of the discussion lest their gangrenous, festering and destructive ideas should further infect our caucus. These are not people who should be trusted to babysit a cat, much less to have access to the levers of all the coercive powers of the Federal government.

Working with these people is not what America elected you to do Republicans. It elected you to stop them. So for the sake of America, stop being so concerned about sounding “reasonable” to the talking heads on cable and get the buckets of flaming tar ready.



9 thoughts on “Obligatory schadenfreudelicious post-election post”

  1. I was totally amused by “Being Liberal” FB site with all their screed and “the sky is falling” hysteria. They just couldn’t get enough of that whining! I had to stop commenting because I wouldn’t get anything else done! Besides, you did the best commenting on their posts.


  2. Funny, but I JUST wrote a facebook post this morning about Republicans not being elected to cooperate with Democrats:

    In response to Republican take-over of the Senate, Harry Reid said “The message from voters is clear: They want us to work together.”

    Um, when democrats were in power in the senate, Harry Reid took it as a message that the people wanted Democrats to run things and he certainly didn’t cooperate with Republicans. Harry Reid’s senate was one of the most partisan, non-cooperative senates we’ve ever had. But when the Democrats lose, they suddenly want to cooperate. Of course they do. They still want power and influence.

    When Democrats are in power, they don’t work with Republicans. They don’t worry about being bi-partisan. They work to accomplish their goals for this country. They’ve made great strides in changing this country and moving towards their big government, welfare state goal over the last six years. If we don’t make some real changes in the opposite direction while we have a chance, the people are not going to be happy.

    If Republicans don’t actually accomplish something this time, the people will think we’ve tried the conservative ideals and they didn’t work. And we’ll be back electing Democrats in a couple of years who will continue to move the country in the wrong direction. THIS is our chance to stop the damage and start moving back towards a strong economy, legal protections for all human beings, personal responsibility, and more freedom for the American people. If we blow it now, this country may never return to the greatness and freedom we once had.

    My friends, we need to make it clear to our Republican senators and representatives that we do NOT want them to cooperate with Democrats. We elected them to push the Republican platform. We elected them because we want their ideas put through. We want ObamaCare repealed. We want abortion stopped. We want taxes lowered and jobs created.

    We didn’t elect Republicans to have them wimp out and give power over to the other side. We elected them to stand for the principles they claimed they believed in. We didn’t elect them to be nice guys. We elected them to work hard to change our country for the better and to undo the bad changes that have been put in place. This is not the time to listen to Democrat ideas or placate them. This is time to use the power the people have entrusted to them and work to move our country in the right direction, even over the whining and objections of the Democrats.


  3. You do have to love Michelle Obama’s message to (presumably black) voters, that if they voted Democrat she would give them permission to have a “treat”. You guessed it, “fried chicken”.

    Of course up here in the peoples republic we have a democratic administration that has given us; sub 50% graduation rates for minorities, spent hundreds of millions on a health care website that doesn’t work, lied about health insurance rate increases, spent $100 million on affordable housing for people who can’t afford decent housing and $90 million on a new office building for a part time state senate. Yet for some reason the folks want more.


  4. My worry is that there are too many Liberals in Republican clothing out there, and nothing will really change. Where I live the democrats don’t even try to fill the slate. Liberals here just run as Republicans. In fact there were no local Democrats on the ballot.
    I had mentioned in an earlier comment that we had an independent running for sheriff. Maybe people are waking up a little, because even though nearly half the votes were straight Republican, the independent won.
    Already it has come out from a pretty reliable source that the Republican sheriff candidate had bullied the school board and high school principal into withholding negative information about his family until after the election.


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