This is a good start for Republicans

Via Senate Republicans Offer Dem Leader Reid Help Blocking ‘Obama’s Lawless Amnesty’ | MRCTV.

Six Republican Senate leaders wrote to Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) today offering to help him block Pres. Obama’s planned executive order granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

The Republicans offered to help Reid pass a measure that would avoid a “constitutional crisis” by “blocking any action the President may take to violate the Constitution and unilaterally grant amnesty.”

If Reid refuses “to defend the Senate and Constitution,” the Republicans say they’ll use “all procedural means necessary” to stop the president’s “lawless amnesty.”

“Surrendering to illegality is not an option,” Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), one of the Republicans writing to Reid, said in a separate statement. Echoing the letter to Reid, Sessions said a now-Republican Congress will take action – and Democrats will have to choose between defending their constituents and supporting Obama:

“A Republican Congress will defend itself and our citizens from these lawless actions. Surrendering to illegality is not an option. Democrats will have to choose sides: protect the President’s agenda, or protect your constituents.”’

Either way, they win.  If Reid doesn’t join in, the Left will look terrible to most citizens and the Right can get it done anyway, thanks to Reid’s changing of the rules.  Well played, Republicans.  Keep it up!

If you love your neighbors you’ll fight this blanket amnesty.


9 thoughts on “This is a good start for Republicans”

  1. So glad to see that the GOP isn’t wasting any time countering Zero’s lawless agenda!

    Still, I worry that “O” will now act like a caged animal – not caring how much MORE damage he can inflict over not only the next two months, but also over the next two years. He and his evil handlers cannot ever be trusted!

    But this brilliant move by these 6 Republican Senate leaders gives much hope come January, 2015!


  2. I figure Obama will do as much illegal activity as possible before the GOP takes over. I also assume that the Demokrats now in control will do as much as possible to force more leftist agenda. The LEFT are totally committed to wreaking havoc in the USA.


  3. If Obama is so lawless, please check the figures on how many “illegals” were deported by the Bush Administration versus how many have been sent back by the current Administration. The only difference is that Obama is DOING something, not just spending money we don’t have (budget deficit has DROPPED since 2008, not increased–check your facts.) Be good Bereans before you speak.


    1. Hi Teresa,

      Obama is lawless: Benghazi, Fast & Furious, the IRS, snooping on journalists, flouting immigration laws, and more.

      Your other error is assuming that I agreed with everything Bush did. Where did you get that from?


  4. This brings up an interesting question from a Christian standpoint. You stated, “If you love your neighbors you’ll fight this blanket amnesty.” A lawyer asked Jesus, “Who is my neighbor?” Jesus went on to teach with the parable of the Good Samaritan.Should we not as Christians be the “neighbor” and show love and compassion?

    I struggle with politics infiltrating Christianity. I do my level best to not look at what my responsibilities are as a follower of Christ through a lens of a political party or ideology. Concerning this issue, I think of all those kids escaping abuse in Honduras and all the fuss over that. It is sad to me.


    1. Hi Jeff,

      Yes, we want them to escape abuse. But putting up a welcome sign and practically begging them to travel here with smugglers and sex traffickers will make things worse for others.


      1. Thank you for your response.

        I agree with you, but I don’t think it is an all or nothing proposition. Surely we are smarter than that. We can surely handle more complex issues than being forced to look at either 1. Welcoming them that flee without restriction (i.e. turning our heads away from the drug and sex trade) or 2. shutting them down completely. I am not hearing from one side of the debate any wiggle room to work those problems out.

        Why do you think these people in need have to be connected with smugglers?


  5. The megalomania & Machiavellianism of Obama gets a bit more exposed every day, every week, & every year. Those who “bitterly cling” to the faith once delivered for all the saints will win in the end, but it will be a bumpy ride.
    We deal with an electorate that elected this a$$hat to the most powerful position in the world twice. There is work to do!


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