Changes here at Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing! Please read!

First, let me thank all you regulars and visitors for coming here.  It has been a fascinating 8+ years sharing these things with you all, and I plan to keep going.

I’ve got a pretty action packed life, what with church, work, family, hobbies, ministries and more.  But I’ve decided to start a couple Facebook pages that I hope you will follow.  I think I can get a lot of good information out in a more targeted way and without spending too much incremental time.   In fact, some of it will be a time savings, as I can share things on one of the new FB pages a lot more quickly than I can insert them into a Roundup post.

One Facebook page is Eternity Matters, which will have everything from this blog plus more.  Please consider “Liking” and/or following this page:

The other Facebook page is Exposing the “Christian” Left, which will focus on addressing the wolves in sheep’s clothing in mainstream churches.  Please consider “Liking” and/or following this page:  I’ll be able to do a lot more there by exposing their anti-Christian messages and sharing their memes and pointing out how to respond to them.  I would love to have contributions by some of you!

I’m still going to blog here as usual, and perhaps even more often.  I realized that I was holding back on some volume because it feeds my Facebook page, and I try to keep that balanced with family / fun / religion / politics.  I’ll now just post selected pieces to my main Facebook page.

Please share any suggestions you have!


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