2016 Trump is like 2008 Obama

Not in their views, of course, just in their appeal to low-information voters in their respective parties.  They both appeal to simplistic ideals, but those vanish when you peel back the layers and see what they are really like.

Is Trump really pro-life?  He hasn’t been historically, and never articulates his views clearly.  Is he against illegal immigration?  Yes, but what will he actually do about it?

The worst thing about Trump is that he has already tipped his hand at his selfishness by saying he might do a 3rd party run.  That would hand the presidency to Hillary, and he knows it.  That he would even consider it is reason to vote against him.

I’m glad he brought some attention to serious issues like illegal immigration, but I hope he gets out of the race quickly.

I’m still rooting for a Cruz/Fiorina ticket, though I’d love to see some combination of Walker/Perry/Jindal in there as well.


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