Skip Windows 10 (not worth it) and Apple Music (really, really terrible)

My tech recommendations are to avoid Windows 10 upgrades and the Apple Music program.

Even if you get a free upgrade from Windows 8.X, I don’t think it is worth it.  I haven’t seen any real benefits in speed or reliability.  And I have seen lots of annoying things, such as the file shortcuts (when you right click on tray icons) disappearing randomly.  Hopefully they will fix these with updates.  Whatever you do, don’t pay for an upgrade.

Apple Music is far worse.  Seemed like a great idea at the time: Unlimited music downloads, “radio” stations with unlimited skips, etc. for only $10/mo. individual and $15/mo. family.

The problem?  It doesn’t work and destroys various things.  Even after re-downloading some songs they still won’t work.  My audio Bible didn’t play any longer and I had to re-do that.  It ruined some complicated playlists.

Worst of all, it wouldn’t let me load the songs on my iPod Shuffle — an Apple device!  Hey, that’s great.  Unlimited music that you can’t play where you want it.

Apple is really going downhill.  It is hard to believe they could come up with such a lousy product.  They really blew it on this one.  They would have had a consistent revenue stream from me for the foreseeable future.  Now they will get nothing.


7 thoughts on “Skip Windows 10 (not worth it) and Apple Music (really, really terrible)”

  1. Hated, hated, hated Windows 8 (and 8.1), so the change I made to Windows 10 was a delight. You describe problems I haven’t seen and I’ve had nothing but good experiences with it so far. I disagree with you on that. Now, upgrading from Windows 7? No, I’d leave it alone.


  2. I hate Windows 8, so I upgraded to Windows 10 in a heartbeat, if for no other reason than to get the Start menu back. I hated the whole apps thing that Windows 8 foists upon me. If I want it to be like a phone, I’ll get a phone, but my computer better work like a computer. I haven’t had any problems with Windows 10 and the new browser is actually great.


  3. I have to agree with you on Apple, except for my workphone and a Gen 1 iPod touch I have “unappled” my life, not just for Tim Cook’s ever lowering morals but also Apple’s ever lowering quality. (and I used to work for them!) But on Windows 10 I can’t disagree enough. I worked for Microsoft during the Windows ME disaster and I did beta testing on Windows Vista, so I know bad. Deep down in its guts Windows 8 is very very good, but up at the user interface level it’s a disaster. For businesses Windows 8 is completely useless, their ‘charms’ are pathetic, and their apps only being able to run in full screen mode is utter nonsense. The windows that made Windows what it was were gone in 8. Windows 8.1 is slightly better but still nothing to be taken serious. The money Microsoft lost on this pair of losers out shadows all other MS failures combined, and this company has made some bone head decisions. (I STILL can’t believe they dumped the Zune – that was the greatest MP3 player ever!) But with Windows 10 they now have a winner, the solid back end of Windows 8 with an interface that has the usefulness of Windows 7 but can convert in an instant to an icon based tablet/phone interface (which is totally cool because my laptop can become a tablet simply by popping off the monitor) Cortina is a great addition – it’s like Siri but not so stupid. Being brand new Microsoft Edge may be rough around the edges but it’s such a huge leap past IE, Firefox, and Chrome! A browser that doesn’t eat up all system resources – who woulda thunk it? and the reading view in Edge is perfect for reading this awesome blog!


    1. You worked for Microsoft. Maybe you can answer my question. Just curiosity. I noticed … Windows 98: good; Windows ME: bad; Windows XP: good; Windows Vista: bad; Windows 7: good; Windows 8: bad; Windows 10: good. Is there a theme here? Is there a reason that it appears that every other replacement OS stinks while the ones between are good?

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      1. You nailed it. The good versions are what the engineers put out, the bad versions are what marketing put out. Originally Vista was supposed to be a whole lot more like Windows 7 but the engineers got tied up with security issues on XP and Vista went out without everthing that made it good because marketing wanted to put out a new version. As for ME and 8 – I have no idea what they were thinking, but as a support engineer I lived ME – it was job security.


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