Trump says he’s pro-life now. Trump says a lot of things.

Donald Trump is — or at least was — as pro-abortion as Obama: “I am pro-choice in every respect.”
Has he really changed his mind?  Perhaps.  People can do that.  But is there any evidence of his change or is he just — perhaps! — saying it to curry favor with Republicans?  Has he donated to Crisis Pregnancy Centers or pro-life organizations?
Remember, Trump said that he as a Christian who has never asked forgiveness and he mocks the sacrament of communion, among other things.
Seriously, folks, look for some evidence that Donald isn’t just out for Donald.
He said he didn’t like abortion personally, but he would not even ban “partial-birth abortion” (aka infanticide), where the child is 90% outside of the womb and scissors are used to penetrate her skull and remove her brains.  He thought this should be legal:  partial birth abortion 2
So Trump’s abortion laws would be exactly what Obama, Hillary, Planned Parenthood and the “Christian” Left advocate.  Oh, he’ll shed some crocodile tears about it, but he won’t do a thing to stop it.
Please share to inform these Trump fans about what they are voting for. He could just as easily have run as a Democrat.

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