As if you needed another reason not to vote for Trump . . .

I never thought I’d say this — and I would still never vote for the cartoonishly evil Hillary Clinton — but this shows why Trump would do even more damage to the country than her: Trump: I’ll reduce the national debt by getting creditors to accept less.

Got that?  Mr. Business Expert thinks that there won’t be any unintended consequences of telling our creditors that they may not get paid 100% of what we owe them.  Whether he is bluffing or not, he could send our economy into a tailspin the day after he is elected.

Try telling this to your banker: “I’m only going to pay you $90,000 on my mortgage instead of the $100,000 I owe you. Oh, and I’d like to borrow another $100,000 today.”

How do you think that will go?  Do you think he’ll lend you more money?  Do you think anyone else will?  And even if they were foolish enough to do so, do you think they just might charge a much higher interest rate?

Even if everything else Trump said was coherent and rational this issue alone should be an ejector seat for him.

This country is getting what it deserves with these two unqualified, anti-Christian, anti-American narcissists.

#nevertrump #neverhillary


3 thoughts on “As if you needed another reason not to vote for Trump . . .”

  1. Yes. Most assuredly, this country is getting what it deserves. The hard part is accepting that anyone center-right, anyone allegedly Evangelical, anyone who ever claimed to want American to be what it once was would ever have supported someone like Trump in numbers large enough to actually see him in the position he now is in. Talk about being careful about what one wishes!!

    As to the actual proposal, as you say, it is inane (as is so much Trump says and proposes). It puts me in mind of those outfits that advertise for tax relief. They market to even those who have avoided paying taxes, and I assume, have found themselves having no choice but to come across with the debt. I’ve always found those outfits to be absurd. While I am not big on taxes, any more than is anyone else, I do feel it is my obligation to pay what I owe, based on current tax rates. To have accumulated a huge bill means one best get cracking. There is no way one should be left off, unless of course, it can be determined that taxes were in any way wrongly levied, or that tax law provides a means by which one can reduce one’s liability. But to relieve someone of what they actually owe? This is a case where they owe it to ALL of their fellow citizens. I don’t recall ever being asked if I mind letting someone beg off. You owe? Pay up.


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