Pandora > Sirius XM

My wife had Sirius XM in her car for a while but we didn’t use it for more than a few things.  They were allegedly commercial free, but had plenty of plugs for there own stations — which were just as much commercials to me as a pitch for laundry detergent would be — and they had some inane chatter at times.

We tried Pandora and I like it much better.  You can play it in your car and at home.  It uses some data when you aren’t on Wi-fi, but not that much.  The (really) commercial-free version is $5/mo, which is much less than Sirius.  Nothing but music.  And you can skip songs!  Though not too many, or you get the “our copyright only allows limited skips” message of shame.  I get that several times per day, but you can just switch stations and start over.  That is, until they give me the message that I’ve used up my skips for the day.  Ouch.

The variety of stations is fun.  I have ones for 80’s pop, Ballroom dance music, the Beatles, Christian contemporary, Classical, and more.  My wife found some fun ones like the Italian Cooking Music Radio and played it through the TV when we had family over for Italian food.

I like the variety of stations you can get with Pandora, as well as being able to give songs a thumbs up or down so you’ll get more or less of that type.

Do you use either, or anything else like Spotify?


4 thoughts on “Pandora > Sirius XM”

  1. I use Sirius on the road. Living in the desert, anywhere we drive to leave where we live requires crossing territory without any signals at all except satellite. Pandora won’t work out there. Sirius does. Pandora is good at home though. Free version. My wife likes the Christian contemporary and especially the Country Hymns stations.


  2. Neil,

    I also used Pandora (free version) and created a bunch of stations. One of my faves though is the hymns station. Search for Holy, Holy, Holy Hymn and you’ll get started. Lots of good hymns and of course you can manage the list with the thumbs up/down bit. Once in a while they throw a horrible tune in there but most of the time is not too bad.

    I also have a Today’s Comedy station (just turn Explicit Off) and you’ll hear some good jokes without cursing or much vulgarity.


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