Try this with anyone you list as a reference on your resume and let me know how it works out

bTrump: We are both vying to be the top candidate for this job. If I win, will you give me a positive reference?

Cruz: Yes.
Trump: Thanks! Just FYI, if you win I won’t do the same for you. I’ll run as a third-party candidate or endorse Hillary and donate to her as I’ve done before. And my registered Democrat kids will do the same.
Trump: I had my buddy at the National Enquirer make up a story about you cheating on your wife. I know it will never be proved out, but some people will believe it.
Trump: I told everyone that your dad killed JFK.
Trump: I attacked your wife and posted unflattering pictures of her.
Trump: It is spectacularly well documented that I’m a serial liar, but I’m going to call you “Lyin’ Ted” every chance I get and my low-information supporters will repeat it.
Trump: No, of course I won’t apologize for any of that!
Cruz: I changed my mind and will not directly recommend you for this job.  That said, I won’t actively oppose you, either.   I will encourage people to support freedom and conservative principles — so if that’s what you’re about, that would be an endorsement of you.
Trump: I can’t believe you didn’t give me a reference for this job! I knew you were a liar!

I was really happy with what Cruz said and did.  I hope the country comes to its senses by 2020 – if it isn’t a pile of rubble by then.

Bonus: Historical facts!

  • Cruz’s speech was approved by Trump and the RNC and he stuck to the script.
  • He congratulated Trump.
  • He said nothing negative about Trump.
  • Trump’s vendetta against Cruz’s speech took all the focus off of Pence’s speech.
  • Trump is still fighting conservatives and not Hillary.

7 thoughts on “Try this with anyone you list as a reference on your resume and let me know how it works out”

  1. Well, as bad as Trump is, the alternative being Killary is even worse. I’d like to see Gary Johnson get in, but I’ve never heard of this guy except on Facebook from shares and posts by my sister in NM. If no one knows who he is, then he hasn’t got a chance.

    Killary or Trumpet — the nation is doomed.

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  2. The Lame Stream Media is going wild about this, so is Fox and Breitbart, which shows how far those two outlets have sank. Did you notice that Bernie Sanders, who told his supporters that he’d never sell out to the establishment, sold out to the establishment by endorsing Hillary? The Lame Stream Media didn’t notice. You may also notice that Sanders still has not closed out his campaign even though he withdrew from the race. That means he’s still soaking up campaign cash for doing what he does best: nothing. The Lame Stream Media missed this one too

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  3. I also read from one source (take it for what it’s worth as I did) that Trump actually encouraged the booing. The point being that it was likely not going to happen without Trump getting his delegates to boo at some point during Cruz’s speech.

    It could very well be just another reality show tactic to even allow Cruz to speak in the first place. I haven’t heard the speech in its entirety, but with what I have heard I have no issue. I’m still a Cruz guy and hope we can get through the next four years without too much damage.

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  4. Good point. Good analogy. What a world we live today.
    Personally I think Trump could have had a good angle that Republican National Convention even would allow for Cruz’s speech with endorsement. Now I’m not a Trump fan but he could have sold it well. Maybe win some Cruz followers along the way….and contrast that to Hillary…and the DNC.


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