Facebook-Free February! Also Twitter.

I decided to give up Facebook and Twitter for a month. They were taking up too much time and it was way too irritating following the idiocy and the ups and downs, especially on Twitter.  I think the fake news about Trump and the Russian hookers was a tipping point. The number of Tweets announcing it, analyzing it, joking about it and ultimately determining it was fake made me realize what a time-waster it was to follow the blow-by-blow of a complete fiction.

Yes, I realize the irony that this post will automatically feed both the Eternity Matters Facebook and Twitter pages.  I will post some links from my Feedbly blog software that will go to both places, and I have some things already set to publish.  And I will glance at the title bars now and then to see if there are any messages (some people only message me through Facebook, for example, and I don’t want them to think I’m ignoring them).

It has only been a day but so far, so good!


3 thoughts on “Facebook-Free February! Also Twitter.”

  1. Of all the social media I spend the least time on Twitter. The amount of things that waste time is higher there than say facebook or the blog. When I do go on Twitter its very limited and I don’t do debates on there given how much trolls are there lol.


  2. I’ve never done the Twitter thing. However, I read some stuff via Michelle Malkin’s “Twitchy” site and some people are creative with the limited nature of the medium. Still, I’m not all that compelled to join in. Between the blogs, FB and commenting after on-line articles, I’m spending more time than I should already.


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